Yoga For A Good Eyesight-Yogi Ajay Rana

Without A Good Eyesight Can You Imagine Happy Life?

God has given us five senses of knowledge Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue & Skin. By these senses only we get the knowledge of the worldly life and experience the world. All the senses are very important and one cant feel complete if he doesn’t have any of them. But the sense of seeing plays a great role in the life of everyone. A good eyesight is always the necessity of a person until the end of the life. But in modern era reality is far away from us. We can see the power lenses in the eyes of small kids even on the infants as well. In the past, only old age people used to have weak eyesight. I was getting many emails and messages to write a blog how to improve eyesight through yoga I wanted to write it little later but yesterday I got one WhatsApp message from one of my close friends that please suggest some yoga which can improve the eyesight of their kids. So I promised to my friend that my next blog would be on a good eyesight by yoga.

We all should give a thought that was the reason that in the past our kids were very healthy and they have very nice eyesight as well but what is the reason in today’s era that their seeing power becomes very poor in a very little age. Whenever anyone asks me the questions like this I always reply them that only we parents are responsible for this, not our children. We become that much selfish that just for our comfort and happiness we not only forget to care our parents and family members but also we forgot to care about our children who will drive your identity in the future. In the beginning, if our kids are disturbing us when we are busy then we give our mobile phones to our children to play games or see cartoons thus they don’t disturb us, but later they become mobile addicted and it becomes very difficult to stop them. When you sleep in the daytime and your child is awakening either you would give him this device or he will pick by himself. Problem is children want to see big pictures so they look the screen from very near to their eyes. So from today itself if you really love your children stop them to use the mobiles, video games immediately doesn’t matter if they cry or not. Secondly, don’t allow them to watch too much television. Just allow them to watch few good knowledgeable programs for a limited time period.

In this fast era, we have become that much fast that we don’t have the time for healthy and balanced cooking. We have added unhealthy ready made, quick cooking food and fast food in our life just for the taste of our tongue and because of our laziness. In the past, our mothers used to spend hours to cook the meal and used to cook a lot of green vegetables in the daily meal. That was cooked and served with love to everyone. Green vegetables have all the vitamins and minerals which our body needs including vitamin A (Required for good eyesight). If you work on these above said two things then the vision of our future will never be poor. But if you have already done this mistake and facing the same problem like millions of people are facing then also no need to worry. I am giving the yogic solution to get rid of it.

  1. Eye Rotations:-Rotate your eyes right-left, Up-Down and move around. like below picture.

Eyes Rotation

2. Tratak- Tratak is a yogic way of clinging to the eyes and its also improve the concentration level. one can do it from 1 minute to 5 minutes. Once your eye gland starts to release the water in a form of tears stop and wash your eyes. You can use a candle or point one focal point on the wall and look at it without blinking your eyes. You can repeat it for three times. Height of the focal point should be equal to the height of your eyes when you sit.

Master Arjun Rana Doing Tratak

3. Shirsh Asana. 

4. Sarvang Asana

5. Shutra Neti.

6. Netra Neti.

You can practice all these things once learn from a perfect yoga trainer. for more details write to us

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  1. Rahul Prajapati

    this kriya is very powerful..good for eyes & concentration..🧘‍♂️

  2. Monika sharma

    I believe that the longer we wear spectacles the worse our eyesight becomes so i do tratak and eye rotation from my school time to improve my eyesight. Everyone should try once

    • Monika sharma

      I believe that the longer we wear spectacles the worse our eyesight becomes so i do tratak and eye rotation from my school time to improve my eyesight. Everyone should try once.

    • admin


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